Hire pump installation and instruction

Our pump fitters place the pumps, install the pipes and connect the electrical systems at the site. This service assures you a good connection and you benefit from a fully operational pump system in just hours. Finally, the entire system is tested and inspected by one of our specialists. If you require an instruction session on the temporary pump system, we can provide in-depth training for your workers at the site.

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Leave pump assembly and instruction to us:

  • Fast assembly thanks to extensive knowledge and experience
  • Only fully certified staff from Eekels Pompen at the site
  • The entire pump system is tested and inspected before start-up
  • Detailed instruction session on how to operate the pump equipment
  • Our fitters don’t leave until you fully understand how the pump works
Pomp monteur monteert leidingwerk bij een tijdelijke pompinstallatie

Safe and secure hire with certified pump fitters

All our pump fitters have the right qualifications and certificates to carry out their work. Would you like more information about our certificates? Read more here. During assembly, a senior fitter or foreman from Eekels Pompen is always present to supervise the work and general safety, and act as a point of contact for your employees.

Eekels Pompen service wagen staat op locatie bij een tijdelijke pompinstallatie

Fuel and maintenance for worry-free pump hire

After the temporary pump system has been tested and your employees understand how the pumps operate, the pump system is put into service. During the course of your project, our pump fitters visit the site periodically to check the pump and carry out any maintenance required.

What if you want to avoid time-consuming fuel fill-ups and fuel level checks? We can provide a larger fuel tank for your pump system. After your project has been completed, the pumps are dismantled again by our fitters.

Eekels Pompen vrachtwagen staat op locatie. De pompmonteur plaatst een pomp met de kraan.

Inspection and approval of the pump set-up

Once the pump system has been set up, it is tested first to determine whether everything has been connected properly. A specialist from Eekels Pompen checks and approves the temporary pump system and transfers it to the customer as signed-off for use. The pump can then be put into service.

All the activities carried out by our transport service and pump fitters take place by appointment to ensure that you are fully informed of the work taking place at your location. As a result, Eekels Pompen provides a hassle-free hire experience, from your initial request to final disassembly of your pump!

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Monteurs van Eekels Pompen bekijken samen een tekening op locatie bij een tijdelijke pompinstallatie