Hire pump planning and transport

Our efficient in-house planning and transport department at Eekels Pompen ensures that you can put your pumping equipment into operation fast. With 3 truck/trailer units equipped with cranes and 12 service vans, Eekels Pompen gets the pumps you have hired to your location in next to no time. What if something suddenly happens, for example the project location unexpectedly changes, or a fault occurs? We can react immediately thanks to the short lines of communication between our pump specialists, drivers and fitters. Eekels Pompen uses all these resources 24 hours a day to ensure that you have the right pump equipment at your site.

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The 4 advantages of the in-house transport department at Eekels Pompen

  • Even more peace of mind, because we control the whole process
  • Fast deliveries and service because our vehicles are always available
  • No unpleasant surprises because our drivers are experts when it comes to pump equipment
  • Always close to you thanks to 3 sites in the Netherlands and 1 site in Belgium
Drie rode Betsy vuilwaterpompen van Eekels Pompen worden vervoerd met een vrachtwagen.

Certified drivers and fitters

Transporting, hoisting and mounting high-value pump equipment requires knowledge and expertise. So we offer our employees internal and external training courses to give them the opportunity of growing and developing in their professional field. All our fitters and drivers have the required certificates; and have acquired the expertise they need to carry out their work in a safe and dependable manner through schooling and practical experience. From a heavy goods vehicle driving licence to a lifting equipment proficiency certificate. In addition, all the foremen, supervisors and other managerial employees have a Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC certificate (VCA-VOL) and attend annual first aid and company emergency response courses. Eekels Pompen has adopted this approach to guarantee you the quality and safety you are entitled to expect of a specialised pump hire company.

Een pompmonteur bestuurd een kraan op een vrachtwagen om pompen van Eekels Pompen te plaatsen.

Fast response, central planning and GPS

Our transport and installation team is managed centrally by the planners at our site in Barendrecht. Our breakdown service, project office and pump specialists also work from this site. This ensures fast and direct communication between our operational staff and the customer. What if a traffic jam occurs? Or the exact site for your project changes? We can respond quickly to changes like these. Thanks to a GPS link with our trucks and service vans, the planner can see exactly where our drivers are and easily send them new route instructions.

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Pompadviseur houdt nauwlettend de planning in de gaten om het transport aan te sturen