CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

As a medium-size company employing more than 50 people, we actively want to contribute to society. So Eekels Pompen constantly looks for new ways of making its operating activities more sustainable and opportunities for investing in employee development. Not just in our own interest, but also to ensure that you, as our customer, know that you are operating a sustainable and safe pump system. We provide details of our social contribution below in the sections on People, Planet and Profit.


Throughout the long history of Eekels Pompen, more than a century, people have always been a key priority for the organisation. Thanks to the commitment, ambition and customer focus of our staff, Eekels Pompen consistently offers you the quality and level of service that the market has come to expect of us during the past 100 years. This is one of the reasons why we like to organise events and invest in the development of our staff. We achieve this by regularly assessing personal development plans and investing in staff training. Because everybody counts, we also offer positions for people with poor chances on the labour market. Finally, Eekels Pompen is also a certified apprenticeship training provider that helps interns and trade apprentices develop the skills and expertise they need in their chosen profession.

Because safety is hugely important, we also provide a safe workplace to ensure that our people can go home safe and well at the end of each day. Our work protocols are all thoroughly validated. This applies to everybody in the company: people working in the office, people in our workshops and our field staff. The office workplaces are spacious and set up to meet all of today’s hygiene requirements. We organise (digital) meetings such as toolbox and HSE meetings for all employees for whom this is relevant. We also perform annual workplace inspections and tool inspections. Finally, each employee is issued the items of personal protective equipment (PPE) required for his or her work. And we will continue to invest in this area because modern items of PPE ensure that everybody can work safely and hygienically.

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As a pump hire company active in industry and the sewage sector, we see how important it is to make the transition to a more sustainable society everyday. So Eekels Pompen continuously looks for new technologies and techniques to make pumping activities more sustainable. For example, when we developed our first Betsy pump in the 1980s, ease of component replacement and low fuel consumption were our objectives. We still have the same focus today. For example, we offer you ’Blauwe Diesel 50’! This sustainable fuel guarantees you a 50% reduction in emissions and CO2, does not contain biodiesel (FAME), contains more energy per litre than fossil fuel and does not require any engine modifications.

In addition, we have installed solar panels and LED lighting at all our sites and continue to develop new and more sustainable pump sets. These activities reduce both our environmental footprint as a company, and the environmental footprint of our customers.

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Our first priority is to contribute by investing in the personal development of our staff. However, the living environment, the existence of strong social networks and good health are also key factors that affect personal development. So Eekels Pompen sponsors a wide range of initiatives that are important for our staff. In recent years, Eekels Pompen has provided support for the following initiatives:

  • Stichting De Hond Kan De Was Doen
  • Stichting Roparun
  • Stichting De Zorgnijverij
  • Sponsorship for Navigate North
  • Sponsorship for Alpe d’HuZes (Dutch Cancer Society)
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