From advice to a temporary pump system

Short lines of communication, personal contact and a flexible attitude make dealing with Eekels refreshingly different. We are there to support customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And we are fully aware that jobs have to be finished earlier rather than later. We handle all aspects of a pump enquiry for our customers by performing a number of crucial steps and bringing the associated processes to completion. As a result, you can expect to receive a clear and relevant quotation from us. Following your approval, Eekels starts the preparation process and agrees on an acceptable date for implementation and delivery with you. We then maintain contact with you to ensure adequate service support for the temporary pump installation (TPI).

Step-by-step plan

  1. Your request: We study the tender, drawings and situation in order to specify the right solution. If necessary, we produce a detailed report of the work during a site visit.
  2. Work report: Our technical account managers are your point of contact from the beginning of the process up to final completion. They are expert in producing detailed work reports to ensure the availability of all the information required for a full quotation.
  3. Projects department: All the information for proposing the right pump solution is now available. Our projects department uses this information to calculate pipe resistance, pump capacity and other factors. Next, different solutions are generated and analysed.
  4. The best solution at the right price: At this stage, we submit an attractive quotation based on the best solution. We also submit a drawing illustrating the proposal.
  5. TPI delivery: We discuss the quotation with you in detail. If you decide to place an order, we initiate the process for supplying and setting up the temporary pump installation. Once all the permits have been received, a start is made on installing the pumps and laying the pipes. A project manager or foreman is always present during installation. He/she supervises the work and acts as the first point of contact.
  6. Post-installation service: You can depend on the availability of service back-up during the entire contract hire period. We preventively inspect the pump system in order to assess pump operation and quality. In the event of a fault, our service department provides 24/7 back-up.