Working for Eekels

werken bij eekels pompen

Working for Eekels means rolling up your sleeves and showing what you are worth. But it also means being offered opportunities, the chance to develop professionally and as a person, earning a good salary and enjoying excellent fringe benefits. |At Eekels, theorists and practically minded people, office staff and hands-on employees, professional specialists and salespeople work together in a close-knit team to achieve a single common goal: deliver the best solution for each and every situation and enquiry. To ensure fast response, the lines of communication are short and informal.

Traineeship at Eekels

Eekels is certified by Stichting Kenteq as an accredited training company. We like to offer talented youngsters the opportunity of working as a trainee in our organisation to give them a taste of working life in our industry. Are you currently participating in a technical/commercial course of study at level 2, 3 or 4, either an apprenticeship (BOL) or coordinated vocational training (BBL)? If so, please send an email to Eekels for information about the opportunities we offer.