Hire pump hoses

Hire pump hoses: large stock for every situation

Thanks to our long-standing experience, more than 100 years, Eekels Pompen is prepared for every situation. At our sites in Barendrecht, Chemelot and Zwolle, you can find kilometres of pipes and hoses. We offer an extensive range of discharge and suction hoses that match our pumps. From simple water hoses for pumping ditch water to high-quality, certified high-pressure hoses for transporting aggressive chemical liquids. Thanks to our extensive range, we always have the right discharge and suction hose for a wide range of sectors, from civil engineering to industry.

Certified discharge and suction hoses for industrial use

Contaminated liquids that can damage pump hoses are often present in industrial settings. Specifically for these situations, Eekels Pompen supplies certified hoses. Our range of certified hoses includes rubber spiral hoses, anti-static spiral hoses, composite hoses and stainless steel hoses. Each of these hoses is suitable for pumping a variety of liquids, from (contaminated) water to petrochemicals and chemicals.

Your custom hose run: the right hose for your situation

We hold a huge variety of sizes and lengths in our range of discharge and suction hoses. For example, the hoses range from 5 to 20 metres in length and 2” to 12” in diameter. In addition, the working pressure varies from 3 to 20 bars and they are capable of transporting liquids at a temperature ranging from -20 to +100 °C. Whatever you require for your situation, we always have the hose you need in our extensive range. We have successfully used our hoses in the past for a variety of projects. From pumping surface water at a sewer in Roosendaal, to transporting aggressive liquids at a chemical company in Germany. We look closely at the situation for each project and analyse your request and the drawings.  Next, we determine your hose run extremely accurately, working to a margin of just centimetres. We also handle transport and assembly for you. You can count on our 24/7 service during the entire hire period. Would you like to know more about our certified, stainless steel and composite hoses? Please contact one of our specialists on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69, or request a quote!