Set up a sewage water pump bypass during relining work

Everything from planned sewer upgrade tasks in your municipal sewerage plan to emergencies that have to be resolved urgently: Eekels Pompen helps you from A to Z.  Eekels Pompen helps you from A to Z! With our temporary pump systems, we can quickly divert the flow of sewage. The sewer system remains in operation and the work can be carried out safely. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we know what municipalities require and configure our TPS set-ups to suit. Eekels Pompen works closely together with contractors in civil engineering and sewer managers in the the public sector. Our joint efforts quickly restore proper function in your sewer system.

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Sewer system upgrades in line with your municipal sewerage plan

We know that environmental regulations and the environmental management act are important considerations in your municipal sewerage plan. So we exclusively use energy-efficient sewage pumps when setting up sewer bypasses. We also choose a pipe route that causes little or no nuisance to the surrounding area and traffic. Our pipe bridges over roads act as sturdy bridges to support the pipes where they cross roads and intersections Our approach keeps the sewer system operational for businesses and households and ensures that sewer system managers or contractors can carry out their sewer upgrade tasks safely.

Focus fully on your work as a sewer system manager or contractor

The sewage water needs to be diverted so that you can carry out your work. Eekels Pompen takes care of this for you. With powerful and clog-free sewage pumps such as the Betsy 125M, Betsy 200 and the Betsy 125H, we quickly and efficiently set up a sewer bypass. Our fitters pump the water up out of chamber upstream of the works and pump the sewage water via the pipe run to a second chamber located downstream from the works.  We handle everything: you do not get involved in pumping away the sewage water and can focus fully on completing the works in the sewers.

Safety first: inspected pumps and certified fitters

Each of our pumps is extensively checked and inspected before leaving our yard. Our pumps can be equipped with GSM alarm units. This system alerts our 24/7 troubleshooting team in the event of alarms or faults and we can react quickly to fix them. Eekels Pompen employs more than 30 experienced certified fitters. By deploying high-quality pumps and expert staff, we ensure that every project runs smoothly and safely.

Een monteur voert werkzaamheden uit aan een pomp op het terrein van Eekels Pompen.

Detailed work plan for municipalities and contractors

We have successfully completed many impressive projects during our 100-year history. Each of these projects starts with an assessment of the situation. We take a close look at the specifications and the drawings. If necessary, we visit your location. Armed with all this information, the engineers in our project office calculate what you need. Our work plan includes the schedule and calculations and you can refer to them at any time. This approach keeps everything clear and well-structured for both municipalities and contractors.

Oranje waterpomp met waterleidingen voert een riool-bypass uit.

From placing and installation to testing and dismantling

Regardless of whether we are involved in a project or reacting at full speed to an emergency, we handle the process from end to end. This means that we place, install and test the TPS and then remove it again. During the hire period, you can reach us 24/7 and we are always available to support you! What does this look like in practice? We have included a number of practical examples here!

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Meterslange waterleidingen worden vervoerd met een vrachtwagen en geplaatst met een kraan.