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Solutions involving pump hire and temporary pump systems

Since the company was founded in 1914, Eekels Pompen has always been the first place to come for application-specific pump solutions, in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Because hiring out a pump is not difficult: everybody can do it. However, a good pump solution considers the works, environmental factors, pump specifications and much more! So you only have complete peace of mind if you come to a company that provides a professional package from A to Z: the initial work site assessment, engineering, assembly and 24/7 service. Eekels Pompen has offered professional pump hire solutions and temporary pump systems for more than 100 years. We have earned our reputation as the undisputed specialist in the the public sector, industry, marine and offshore and civil, road and hydraulic engineering!

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Maximum pump hire convenience

  • 50+ specialists
    Our specialists are always available to give you expert advice.
  • 1,000+ pumps
    Our extensive range allows us to offer you a complete solution for your project.
  • 24/7 service
    Our emergency support service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • 100+ years of experience
    Thanks to our long-standing experience, we offer you peace of mind for every project.

Unique range of ATEX and Chem-Line pumps

To meet increasing demand from the chemical and petrochemical industries, Eekels Pompen now also specialises in explosion-safe ATEX pumps. These pumps are constructed in a way that shields hot parts or parts that generate sparks in order to prevent explosions. In addition, we have a special range of electric and air-powered stainless steel pump sets for pumping away aggressive and corrosive chemical liquids in ATEX zones.

All the components of the Chem-Line pumps - the pump housing, the impeller, the gaskets and seals - are specially designed for pumping chemical liquids. So our Chem-Line pumps are the ideal solution for sewer refurbishment projects at chemical plants, pumping liquids with extreme pH values and/or contaminated sludge. And we supply certified chemical hoses and accessories to create exactly the right chemical pump system for your project!

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More than 1,000 polluted water pumps

From wellpoint drainage pumps to submersible pumps, and from high-pressure pumps to dry self-priming pumps: Eekels has the right polluted water pump in its hire equipment range for practically every application. With nearly 100 unique pump types and more than 1,000 pumps, we can easily cope with both major planned projects and emergencies. Not only do we deliver the pump, we also provide a complete system and all the peripherals if required, including pipes, hoses, fittings and generators. As a result, many companies and institutions see us as their partner of choice for hiring polluted water pumps: major pumping stations, water boards and building contractors, and also industrial and maritime parties. Are you our next customer and partner?

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