Hire a temporary pump system for tank testing and inspections

Do you have a newly built or refurbished storage tank that needs to be leak-tested? Or does your storage tank have to be re-inspected? Eekels Pompen has long-standing experience with testing, filling and calibrating storage tanks and can supply a temporary pump system that meets your specific requirements. Safety is our top priority, so we only work with experienced and certified fitters. We offer you a full-service concept, from advice to final installation, and provide 24/7 support as required. So you, as the installer, can focus entirely on your tank-testing tasks.

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High-pressure pumps for filling, calibrating and leak-testing your storage tank

Eekels Pompen has several different high-pressure pumps in the range that are suitable for quickly filling storage tanks.  These pumps are used for a variety of tasks, such as filling a storage tank, calibrating the capacity and testing for leaks. The PP/200/GG, PP/11/350/GG and PP/10/75/GG are examples of popular high-pressure hire pumps for these situations. These pumps are characterised by their high capacity and high discharge pressure. Whether you are testing oil, fuel or product tanks, these high-pressure pumps allow you to quickly evaluate the storage tank.

Een oranje hogedrukpomp van Eekels Pompen met leidingwerk aan het water

Detailed work plan for carrying out tank testing

We have successfully completed many impressive projects during our 100-year history. Each of these projects starts with an assessment of the situation. We take a close look at the specifications and the drawings. If necessary, we visit your location. In our project office, the engineers get to work producing the calculations. Everything is clearly and logically documented in the work plan. So you can always refer to the schedules and calculations for the TPS and you know which pumps and accessories we will deploy.

Twee pompmonteurs op locatie bij een tanktest

From placing and installation to testing and dismantling

Eekels Pompen handles the entire process from A to Z. This means that we place, install, test and remove the TPS. During the hire period, you can reach us 24/7 and we are always on standby to help you. What does this look like in practice? Take a look at some of our projects in this sector here!

Hire a temporary pump system  Would you like more information? Call +31 (0)180 - 69 69 69

Een pompmonteur op locatie controleert het leidingwerk bij een tanktest