IBC fuel tank 2.000 liter hire

Do you require a larger fuel tank? If so, hire our 2000-litre IBC fuel tank. In most situations, Eekels Pompen supplies a 995-litre fuel tank with generators and diesel pumps. However, a 2000-litre fuel tank obviously guarantees you longer uninterrupted operation. This fuel tank is a good solution when operating large diesel engine pumps in temporary pump systems. To keep you from running short of fuel, we can schedule regular fuel deliveries. We do so based on an analysis of your fuel requirements before your project starts. What if your fuel consumption changes during your project? You simply call your pump specialist to reschedule the deliveries.

Thanks to an extensive range of IBC fuel tanks, generators and pump equipment, you can always find everything you need for a complete temporary pump system at Eekels Pompen. What if the layout at your project location changes? The tank is equipped with lifting eyes so it is easy to move. The container can be set down at a maximum of 7.50 metres from the generator or pump without adversely affecting the fuel supply. Would you like advice on the use of pump and power supply equipment? Please contact one of our specialists on +31 (0)180 69 69 69.



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