Eekels Pompen now offers ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’: reduced emissions, more power

Do you want to use a sustainable fuel or reduce the emissions from your temporary pump system? Choose ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’ for your diesel engine pump sets or generators. Blauwe Diesel 50 reduces emissions by 50% and contains more energy than fossil fuels. Furthermore, it can be used as a drop-in-fuel. In other words, you can use it in any diesel engine without cleaning the fuel tank or modifying the engine. That is why you can now also hire your diesel engine pumps with ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’ from Eekels Pompen.

The advantages of ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’:

  • 50% reduction in CO2, 8% reduction in nitrous oxides
  • Cleanest diesel fuel available on the market
  • More power per litre and reduced fuel consumption
  • Meets the EN590 standard and is ISCC-EU certified
  • Partially made from renewable raw materials and biodegradable
  • Drop-in-fuel: ‘Blauwe Diesel’ can be used without modifying the engine
  • Suitable for winter use, resistant to freezing
  • No clogged filters thanks to 50% less sulphur
  • Quieter combustion: noise reduction of several dBA

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What is ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’?

’Blauwe Diesel 50’ is a blend of 50% ‘Blauwe Diesel’ and 50% Arctic Diesel, the best-quality fossil fuel. The ‘Blauwe Diesel’ component is made from vegetable oils generated as a waste product in the food industry. When you use a mix of ‘Blauwe Diesel’ and Arctic Diesel, you can reduce emissions without sacrificing performance. Furthermore, ‘Blauwe Diesel’ does not contain harmful biodiesel and offers more energy per litre than fossil diesel.

Average local emissions, ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’ compared to fossil diesel:

  • -8% nitrous oxide (NOx)
  • -25% carbon monoxide (CO)
  • -25% hydrocarbons (HC)
  • -30% soot and particulate matter (PM)
  • -50% carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • -50% sulphur dioxide (SO2)

’Blauwe Diesel 50’: the best fuel for pump hire

On nearly all fronts, ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’ offers better performance than fossil fuels for equipment such as diesel pumps. It offers greater operational reliability because the fuel burns more cleanly and the diesel engine also starts quickly at temperatures below zero. So the likelihood of faults or unexpected pump failures is significantly smaller when you use ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’. Furthermore, ‘Blauwe Diesel’ can be used as a drop-in-fuel. No modifications to the engine, no separate fuel tank; you can switch to ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’ at any time. So, to sum up, ‘Blauwe Diesel’ is not just a cleaner fuel, it is also better for diesel pumps and generators.

Do you want to reduce the nitrous oxide and CO2 emissions for your project? Contact our pump specialist on +31 (0)180 69 69 69. We will be happy to tell you more about the benefits of using ‘Blauwe Diesel 50’ in diesel engine pumps and generators.

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