BouwMat: “Good advice and smart pump solutions help hire customers”

With three locations, in Barendrecht, Geleen and Stabroek (Belgium), and more than 100 years of experience, Eekels Pompen is a permanent fixture in the world of pump hire. To maintain our position as market leader, we focus on innovation. For example, we recently expanded our rental fleet with ten new 4″ diesel-driven pump sets, type B100H. Eekels had these pumps built under its own label. We talked to Pieter Molmans, Managing Director at Eekels Pompen, about the new additions.

“In addition to the ten 4″ diesel-driven pump sets, we also placed an order for ten new 6″ diesel pump sets, type B125H. These units will be made available in our rental fleet during the fourth quarter of 2018,” Pieter Molmans tells us at the start of the interview. “This new batch of pumps is equipped with DSE monitoring, which means the pump can be monitored remotely. This integrated telemetry system offers extra control possibilities. What’s more, the digital control unit simplifies both control and use of the pump. A user-friendly control panel is provided for setting up and controlling the pump. This can be done locally or via the GSM phone network, in other words, remotely. The pump can be monitored on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So operation of the pump can be closely monitored at all times.”

Benefits and options of the new system

He pulls out an extensive list of the new system’s benefits. Pieter Molmans: “Alarms and alerts are sent via SMS text message or email. The system is connected to Eekels’ service department, which is staffed 24/7 to resolve breakdowns quickly and effectively. The pump set can be switched on and shut down either manually or automatically, and the fuel level is also monitored, including alarms and alerts. The oil pressure, engine speed and temperature are read out remotely so that any discrepancies can be picked up in good time. The customer is alerted when regular maintenance is due and when the battery voltage drops below a specific value. What’s more, the system is equipped with a high water level alarm, and the pump can be started and stopped remotely. For extra security, a track-and-trace function based on geofencing has been added to prevent theft. The pump’s location is determined using Google Maps.”


The main advantages of hiring

The sales team at Eekels Pompen expertly advises customers to ensure they make right choices. Pieter Molmans: “We listen to the hire customer's requirements and offer several carefully selected pumps. We also consider the appropriate pipework for the job. In addition to hire costs, energy costs must also be considered when hiring a pump. Thanks to our modern diesel and electric pumps, which are exceptionally energy-efficient, the customer can manage his energy costs effectively. The pump sets are extremely versatile thanks to the screw centrifugal pump that combines an exceptionally large, spherical free passage with high energy efficiency. We have applied this principle in our rental fleet for more than thirty years now.”

And there are even more benefits: the Eekels screw centrifugal pumps operate at an efficiency of more than 80%, which means that a smaller diesel engine or electric motor can be used. “Due to its unique design, the NPSH curve is highly favourable. The pump can also do its work at large suction heights. Screw centrifugal pumps are
known for their large free passage size and clog-free operation. For dry-mounted polluted water pumps, Eekels has an innovative vacuum system, which is indispensable at large suction heights. This system switches itself on fully automatically when the pump starts to run dry. And that results in even greater energy savings,” Pieter Molmans continues. “The noise level of an average pump set is only 54 dB(A) at 7 metres.”

The majority of our diesel and electric pump sets are equipped with telemetry systems which can be monitored and controlled remotely. The level control system ensures that the pump only runs when necessary. “This also contributes to overall energy efficiency. Eekels has its own service organisation, including its own crane trucks. The service department is available 24/7 via telephone or via our telemetry system,” says Pieter Molmans in conclusion. 

Source: BouwMat
Text: Jan Mol

Image: Steve Leech