Sewage bypass with pipe bridge for expansion of wastewater treatment plant in Westerlo

We are currently keeping the sewer at the Westerlo wastewater treatment plant dry with a temporary pump system and a sewer bypass. The project involves extending the wastewater treatment plant by adding storage basins and an overflow pipe. Eekels Pompen has deployed two Betsy 300 self-priming polluted water pumps for this task and set up a pipe run with an aerial pipe bridge.

Characteristics of our self-priming Betsy 300 polluted water pumps:

  • Fully self-contained operation thanks to an internal diesel engine;
  • Capable of pumping up to 1200 m³ per hour per pump;
  • Suitable for sewage water thanks to the large free passage size of 120 mm;
  • Economical in use and sound-attenuated as standard;
  • Equipped with GSM alarm units to alert our 24/7-service.

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Pumping sewage water from more than 32,000 people

The sewage treatment station purifies sewage water from more than 32,000 people. Because this volume of sewage is difficult to handle in conditions of heavy rainfall, storage basins are being built to form a buffer. And an overflow pipe running via Merodedreef to the Grote Net is also to be installed for the occasions when this extra capacity is exceeded. The project is due to be completed in December, but until then our sewer bypass will have to divert the water. We have set up two powerful Betsy 300 polluted water pumps for this challenging task. This set-up, with the internal diesel engine, built-in fuel tank and an external 3,000 litre tank, will operate for about 14 days. Our service team will keep the tank topped up during that period.

Pump hire with assembly and 24/7 service back-up

To ensure a completely worry-free experience for our customer, Eekels Pompen will handle all aspects of the temporary pump system from the drawing board to disassembly. Our in-house transport department makes sure that the pumping equipment is delivered to the location on time, and our fitting team connects up the temporary pump system. And, in the unlikely event of something going wrong with the pumps during the hire period, our 24/7 troubleshooting team will step in immediately to fix the problems. In addition, the pumps will be checked regularly and are equipped with GSM alarm units.

Do you have a sewer project where a section of the sewer system needs to be bypassed temporarily? Request a quote for a temporary pump system now or call us on +31 (0)180 69 69 69. With more than 800 temporary pumps in our hire equipment fleet, we can supply a suitable sewer bypass in all situations.