Sewer refurbishment with Betsy Pumps

The sewer refurbishment in Herselt (BE) was recently completed. Eekels Pompen deployed and installed sewer bypasses in the form of two temporary pump systems for this project. Thanks to the bypasses, the discharge flow could be maintained while the sewer pipe remained free of polluted water to allow refurbishment work to take place.

Two TPS set-ups were installed to divert sewage water away from the sewage pipe. One consisting of two Betsy 200 dieselpompen and the other consisting of two Betsy M125 dieselpompen. The Betsy 200 pump system offered a maximum capacity of 720 m3 per hour per pump and the Betsy M125 pump system handled 330 m3 per hour per pump. Together, they pumped the sewage water out of the last manhole upstream of the section requiring refurbishment and returned it to the sewer system through the next downstream manhole.

Betsy pumps

Our Betsy pumps are ideal for pumping polluted water containing solids. Thanks to the unique clog-free impeller with an extremely large free passage size, they are capable of pumping large volumes of sewage water. The noise-reducing housing is a further characteristic that makes the Betsy pumps ideal for projects in built-up areas. This housing minimises noise nuisance.

Casing tube

To reduce nuisance further, the customer installed an underground casing tube as a passage for laying the pipes. As a result, residents in the area could carry on using their driveways.