Hire certified steel pipes

Material Diameter (mm) Flange Length (m)
Steel ø 250 2x DIN VF 6.00
Steel ø 200 2x DIN VF 6.00
Steel ø 150 2x DIN VF 6.00

Certified steel pipes for industrial pipe runs

Eekels Pompen offers a range of certified steel pipes specifically for use in industry. These pipes are resistant to hot and aggressive chemical liquids at high pressure. The certified pipes undergo regular inspections. As a result, you know that these high-quality pipes are always in perfect condition and that you can use them without reservations. The pipes are 6 or 12 metres long. We combine them with make-up lengths to ensure that the completed pipelines run all the way to their discharge point. The pipes connect to each other via DIN PN10 flanges. Eekels Pompen holds an extensive stock of certified pipes in various diameters.

Extensive range of certified steel pipes, hoses and accessories

In addition to a large selection of certified steel pipes and hoses, Eekels Pompen also stocks all necessary accessories, such as T pieces, bends and aerial structures for bridging roads. Take a look at our product range or contact us on +31 (0)180 – 69 69 69. We would be happy to tell you what you need for your pipeline or visit your location for a site assessment. That way you can focus on your speciality!