Pioneer Pump hire: from high-pressure pumps to chemical and ATEX pumps

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Specialist in chemical and ATEX pumps

Pioneer Pump is an American company that has produced innovative pumps for more than 65 years. Eekels Pompen offers high-pressure pumps and dry self-priming pumps from Pioneer Pump in its hire equipment range. These electric pumps are ideal for pumping chemical liquids and can be used in explosion-safe ATEX zones. In addition, Pioneer pumps can be used for irrigation/deluge spraying systems, as an emergency fire pump or booster pump. And if you have to testing storage tanks or flush pipe systems, this brand is also the solution!

chemie- en ATEX-pompen van pioneer-pump

Why hire Pioneer Pump units from Eekels? Here’s why!

We keep your pump in top condition so you can focus on your speciality! Take a look at our 10 different pumps from Pioneer Pump or contact one of our specialists.

chemie- en ATEX-pompen van pioneer-pump