Hire diaphragm pumps

Wilden T8

36 m3/hour
Lift height (m)
80 m
Drive system
Pressure side connection
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
Suction side connection
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
36 kg

Hire air-driven and diesel diaphragm pumps

From construction to industry: Eekels Pompen has the right diaphragm pump for every pumping task in its range of hire equipment. The diaphragm pump is a type of displacement pump, just like the wellpoint drainage pumps. Because this diaphragm pump can run dry indefinitely, it is ideal in intermittent flow conditions. Our hire range consists of air-driven or diesel engine diaphragm pumps from well-known brands such as Caffini and Wilden. Still not decided which diaphragm pump you need? Use the filters to search our range or ask our specialists for advice!

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