Hidrostal Betsy 100 hire

The Hidrostal Betsy 100 is a versatile, dry self-priming pump that is deployed as a polluted water pump. The Betsy 100 includes a centrifugal pump powered by a 4 kW diesel engine. As a result, the pump has a capacity of 136 m³/h and a lift height of 16 metres. The Betsy 100 is equipped with a vacuum system and a vacuum pump. This pump, which is suitable for dry mounting, guarantees you powerful suction performance, equating to a suction height of 8 to 9 metres or a suction pipe length of between 70 and 100 metres. There is no need to prime the Betsy 100 with water beforehand. So you can deploy the pump quickly.

Thanks to the fairly large free passage size in this polluted water pump, it is capable of pumping viscous liquids and liquids containing large solids. This makes the Betsy 100 suitable for use in a variety of applications. So these pumps are a popular choice in many sectors, ranging from marine & offshore to events. For example, two of our Betsy 100 pumps were chosen for one of the most popular festivals in the world: Tomorrowland. Their job was to pump away all the visitors’ wastewater. The pumps were equipped with GSM alarm units. This ensured a fast response to faults. The Betsy 100 is supplied as a sound-attenuated unit as standard.

Propulsion system

Powered by
Motor power
4.00 kW
Rotational speed
1500 rpm
Fuel tank
180 l
Fuel consumption
1 l/h


2015 mm
1138 mm
1470 mm
1250 kg


136 m³/h
16 m
Connection (discharge side)
4 "
Connection (suction side)
4 "
Free passage
75 mm


Specification sheet
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)