Hidrostal I16K-HD hire

The electric I16K-HD from Hidrostal is a versatile, dry self-priming pump. The I16K-HD can optionally be equipped with control containers, frequency inverters and level controls. The I16K-HD is used as a polluted water pump. This centrifugal pump is fitted with a 250 kW electric motor. As a result, the pump has a capacity of 3,880 m³/h and a lift height of 58 metres. The pump set can be supplied with a vacuum system to ensure effortless priming and suction of the liquid that needs to be pumped.

Thanks to the substantial free passage size in this wastewater pump, it is capable of pumping water containing solids such as sewage water. In addition, the polluted water pump has a high capacity. This makes it an ideal solution as a temporary pump system for sewage and polder pumping stations. It is also used for sewer system refurbishment projects and pumping industrial wastewater. Eekels Pompen hires out the I16K-HD in a variety of sectors, ranging from civil, road and hydraulic engineering to the industry.

Propulsion system

Powered by
Motor power
98.00 kW
Rotational speed
987 rpm
Electrical connection
400V / 3-fase / 50 Hz


2400 mm
1460 mm
1240 mm
2850 kg


2800 m³/h
24 m
Connection (discharge side)
16 "


Specification sheet
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)