Wilden T8 hire

The Wilden T8 air-driven diaphragm pump weighs just 36 kg and is a compressed air pump that easily pumps viscous liquids. Thanks to the compressed air drive, it is suitable for use in explosion-hazardous ATEX zones. This makes the pump a popular choice for industrial projects. This positive displacement pump can run fully and partially dry for long periods. The pump capacity depends on the compressor, however the Wilden T8 has a maximum capacity of 36 m³ per hour and can develop a discharge pressure of 8 bars. The 2” Storz couplings on the discharge and suction side make it easy to connect pipe hoses. If you prefer to have the system installed for you, we will be glad to help.

Hiring this air-powered diaphragm pump from our range gives you access to an ATEX pump that easily handles viscous fluids. The Wilden T8 pump is also a popular choice in the industrial sector. The Wilden diaphragm pump is a popular choice at sites where no electricity supply is available. Because of the compressed air drive, you are not dependent on a power supply. The compressed air-driven diaphragm pump has a small free passage size, so it is mainly hired for pumping process water or wastewater that does not contain large solids.

Propulsion system

Powered by
Air connection
3/4" FNPT


405 mm
350 mm
670 mm
36 kg


36 m³/h
80 m
Connection (discharge side)
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
Connection (suction side)
2 " storzkoppeling nok 66
Free passage
6 mm


Specification sheet
Lift height (m)
Performance chart for
Capacity (m3/hour)